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Mastercam X9 for SOLIDWORKS is a CAM application that is fully integrated into Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS. The latest release features Dynamic Motion technology improvements, 3D Milling Enhancements, Multiaxis Improvements, and much more. And, Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS Lathe, Mill, or Multiaxis is included with your purchase of the comparable standalone Mastercam X9 product. Says Suchit Jain, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, SOLIDWORKS, “Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS combines one of the world's leading modeling software with the world's most widely used CAM software so you can program parts directly in SOLIDWORKS, using Mastercam’s toolpaths and machining strategies.”

Dynamic Motion Technology

Dynamic Motion toolpaths follow a proprietary and sophisticated set of rules that take into consideration a broad data set. To create the most efficient cutting motion possible, Dynamic toolpaths calculate not only the area where material will be removed; they also take into account the changing condition of the material throughout various stages of machining. With Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS X9, 2D HST Dynamic Mill, Peel Mill, and 3D Dynamic OptiRough support a Conventional feed rate when you are set to a Zigzag cutting method.

3D Milling Enhancements

3D HST roughing has been consolidated from six toolpaths down to two toolpaths – Dynamic OptiRough and Area Roughing. The efficiency of Rest roughing linking heights for 3D HST toolpaths has been greatly improved. 3D HST Waterline toolpaths now include an option to machine your part from bottom to top. And, Hybrid flat area processing is now available. You can choose to include the flat areas of your part in the toolpath, ignore the flat areas, or only machine the flats.

Multiaxis Improvements

Now available for Port Expert, Minimize tilting creates the most efficient toolpath possible through a port. Multiaxis toolpaths are displayed as normal tool motion instead of vectors in the graphics window. All Advanced Multiaxis toolpaths, such as Port Expert and Blade Expert, are now processed through the Multi-Threading Manager, leaving users free to work while processing. And, the new Multiaxis Link toolpath allows users to link multiple toolpaths together to create a safe linking move between them. Also available in Mastercam X9 for SOLIDWORKS:

  • Option to project the selected items to the Toolplane has been added to the Chain Manager for 2D Toolpaths and for 3D Toolpath Containments. When SOLIDWORKS Solid Bodies, Faces, Features, or Surfaces are selected, a silhouette of the selected items will automatically be generated.
  • Multiple Mastercam Simulator improvements such as the new Adaptive Quality tool, motion controller support, and more.
  • Lathe C-Axis operations, as well as Lathe Misc Op operations, are now available.
  • Ability to insert, delete, or otherwise rearrange holder segments using the right-mouse context menu.
  • Barrel tool support, as well as Thread Mill support, has been added.
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