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Mitsubishi Electric to Open "TAKUMI" Inazawa Installation Training Center in Japan

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it would commence operation of its "TAKUMI" Inazawa Installation Training Center for elevator and escalator installation training on April 1. The facility, which is named after the Japanese word for "great master," is located on the premises of the Inazawa Works, the company's mother factory for the manufacture of elevators and escalators, in Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Mitsubishi Electric is strengthening its worldwide training of technicians to enhance the quality of its elevator and escalator installations for increased safety, peace of mind, and comfort in the global market. The company plans to increase its number of new-installation technicians in Japan up to 1,000 and installation supervisors outside Japan up to approximately 350 by the fiscal year ending in March 2020.

1.) Hands-on training with actual equipment to quickly upgrade installation skills and capabilities

  • Technician trainees will use actual equipment in real environments to quickly master practical installation skills and know-how
  • Training curricula will be matched to various skill levels to enhance the abilities of all technicians

2.) Experimental training utilizing VR technology to heighten awareness of potential hazards and work safety

  • Simulators incorporating virtual-reality (VR) technology will enable trainees to experience hazard-like conditions that could conceivably occur at installation sites
  • Trainees will master installation-safety procedures by using actual equipment to practice special safety precautions, such as carrying heavy equipment, welding and working in high places

3.) Stronger education for installation supervisors outside Japan to upgrade global capabilities

  • Enriched education programs and a supervisor-certification system will raise the quality and the number of local installation supervisors at elevator and escalator sales companies outside Japan
  • Educated supervisors will elevate the skills and safety awareness of technicians at associated companies outside Japan
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