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Manufacturing Execution - Building block in the „Smart Factory Elements“ model

With Manufacturing Execution or Execution in general, the control loop of the "Smart Factory Elements" model is about turning planning into reality. As a reminder: this control cycle provides that production is planned (Planning & Scheduling) on the basis of parameters from different sources and that this planning is then implemented or executed (Execution). The data collected is analyzed (Analytics) in order to derive predictions from it (Prediction), which, together with other findings, can be included in the planning. The Industrial Internet of Things supports this cycle by collecting and providing data.

It does not run without Execution

The Execution element covers a wide range of functions and applications that ensure that day-to-day production runs smoothly. These include, for example, logging on and off orders at a machine, posting material consumption and performing quality inspections. Also real-time visualizations for the purpose of condition monitoring must not be missing here. In short: Execution is all about the here and now.

Core competence of an MES system

As the name suggests, "Execution" belongs to the core competence of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) such as HYDRA from MPDV. A large part of the functions offered by HYDRA can be assigned to the Execution element – independent of the classic subdivision according to shop floor, quality and personnel.

The MES HYDRA already meets most of the requirements that the "Smart Factory Elements" model places on a modern IT tool for Manufacturing Execution. The increased use of results from Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will successively expand existing applications or even create new ones.


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