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Welcome to the new world of online purchase of production parts!
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You can publish your tender in just a few steps; you can upload drawings und regulate access to your tenders.Vorschau Based on manufacturing processes, ORDERMATCH searches the matching supplier and informs you directly about your tender. Invite suppliers you already know and have all relevent offers at a glance.
The supplier you invited can make a bid for your tender free of charges.

Your advantage:

  • SIMPLE: You can create a specific tender quickly und easily.
  • SAFE: You have control over who has access to the details of the tender and can make a bid.
  • FAST: Time-consuming search for new suppliers is eliminated because ORDERMATCH does the work for you.
  • FLEXIBLE: You can invite already known suppliers to make a free bid for your tender.
  • CLEAR: You receive all bids in a clear and coherent structure.
  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE: We are always there for you, because ORDERMATCH is accessible 365 days a year around the clock.

REGISTER The use of ORDERMATCH is absolutely freefor purchasers!

This means that you can purchase faster and find best prices.

This will increase your profitability - simple, reliable and fast!

We save your time

  • You compile an invitation to tender and we transmit it to as many suppliers as possible.
  • We always search for new suppliers for you.
  • You get all offers in a clear table and can quickly compare them.

We save your money

  • We publish your tender online at no extra cost.
  • You can easily find the best offer with our clear table.
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