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PENTA-TEC CNC-Automation GmbH
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CNC technology is used today in many areas where this technique was too expensive a few years ago.

Through State-of-the-art CAD systems, cheap machine components, and the easy availability of high-quality Antriebstechnikist's in the last few years become easier, to create individually tailored high quality CNC machines.
Whether small carpentry or advertising technicians, designers, architects, instrument maker, model maker … increasingly, experts of different disciplines use the CNC technology to implement your ideas.

They often have no time to deal with complex CAM systems and CNC Controls. Because they want to transform your ideas quickly and easily in real, tangible objects.

Exactly for these users, we have developed PENTA-NC, because this CNC machining is as easy as "Word processing".

The PENTA-NC - "All-in-ONE" machine control software includes:
-the basic functionality of a graphics editor.
-powerful 2 ½ D CAM functions
-as well as the user interface of a CNC-control

The geometric information is associatively linked to technology and tool data. As a result, PENTA-NC requires no rigid sequential work order.

For you, this means in practice:
-It changes to tools, technology, geometry data can be made at any time.
-All changes are immediately for further processing on the machine available without lengthy post processor run or data transfer.
-Optimizations are incorporated directly into the production process and are verifiable without delay to the finished component.
-Single components or Assembly can be extracted from complex CNC files with a few clicks of the mouse and made directly.

PENTA-NC was formed and is also the basis for many "project solutions". It is in the a number of "Additional modules" course of time developed.
If necessary, the PENTA-NC basic software can be extended to these special modules.
That means, despite "Standard Software", the interface is easily customizable to your individual needs and a variety of solutions are already available modules realize.

• Functionality for the PENTA-NC please click here
This description was translated from German to English by "Bing Translator".
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