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Horn Products
Paul Horn Gmbh
Under-cutting tools

Grooving blade with internal cooling

The new grooving blades are designed for universal use when producing small batch sizes. Six blades with cutting widths of 2.5/3 mm (0.0984"/0.1181") and 4 mm (0.1575") are available for these applications, with each pair of three blades measuring 26 mm (1.0236") and 32 mm (1.2598") high. Their projection length is universally adjustable.

The grooving blades hold two cutting inserts arranged in mirror symmetry. The self-clamping insert seat enables replacement that is straightforward and yet still highly precise. It is opened with a chuck key so that the cutting insert can be easily removed and a new one inserted. A prism in the insert and the groove blade ensures a secure connection. The inserts are available in all cutting widths with chipbreaker geometry.

The coolant is transferred to the blade from the base of the holder, which is specific to the machine being used. Two coolant connections act as the interface; as a result, the grooving blade can be switched from left to right with ease using a conventional spanner. The coolant is able to reach the flank of the S100 insert whatever the groove depth – and if an S100 insert with internal cooling is used, it will hit the point of cutting directly. The nozzle creates a coolant jet that flushes chips out of the working area, reducing the chance of chip accumulation. In addition, the formation of a built-up edge and the risk of breakouts on the cutting edge are considerably reduced. This means that higher cutting parameters are possible and longer tool life can be achieved in comparison to standard cooling systems.

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