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Software for NC simulations


Finally, an amazingly realistic, highly intuitive representation of automation and control technology: This high-end product guarantees you optimum productivity and quality in manufacturing on the virtual machine model.

With CHECKitB4, control sequences can be simulated in their full functionality. NC programs, including all high-level language elements, can be checked for syntactic correctness and sequence capability, the absence of collisions in the workspace, the workpiece geometry and the motion behavior can be reliably evaluated, and program runtimes can be determined. Here, too, CHECKitB4 clearly differs from conventional CAM simulation.

Based on a virtual NC control(vNCK)!

Immediately after creating the NC program, the NC code is simulated on the basis of the NC kernel from Siemens or Heidenhain. There is no interpreter running in the background! The control is booted at the PC with all the machine specific parameters (machine DNA like axis parameters, traverse limitations, special cycles, subroutines ) and the NC program is processed like at the machine. Thus, immediately after completion of the CAM process, the NC program including all high-level language elements is checked for syntactic correctness and runability, the absence of collisions in the working area, the workpiece geometry and the movement behavior are reliably evaluated, and program run times are determined. Long before the machine is set up, any errors can be detected and corrected without disrupting the production flow. In short: exactly what you are looking for!

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