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ProdEq Trading


ProdEq Trading GmbH
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9527 Niederhelfenschwil
+41(0)71 948 7060
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  • Reference number 1045-39022
    Manufacture Year 2014
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Lathes
  • Multispindle chucking automatics
  • number of spindles
    spindle passage
    turning length
    - number of spindles
    - swing diameter (max)
    14 mm
    - turning diameter (max)
    14 mm
    - chip conveyor: yes
    - coolant unit: yes
    - band filtration unit: yes
    - coolant through turret: yes
    - through spindle coolant attachment: yes
    - aspiration unit: yes
    - hydraulic system: yes
    - European CE standards: yes
  • Available from April 2019 !!

    MultiSwiss technical data 6x14

    Bar passage mm 4-14
    Max. Workpiece length mm 40
    Max. Remaining piece length mm 70
    Max. Main spindle rpm 8.000
    Power main spindle kW 5.60
    Torque Main spindle Nm 8
    Max. Counter spindle speed rpm 8.000
    Power counter spindle motor kW 5.00
    Torque counter spindle motor Nm 8.00
    Stroke of main spindle Z-axis mm 50
    Stroke of the counterspindle Z-axis mm 150
    Number of linear axes 14
    Number of Y-axes 1 (option)
    Number of rotation axes (C-axes) 6 + 1 (option)
    Number of cross slides in main processing 5 + 1 (section)
    X-stroke of the cross slides in the main processing mm 40
    X-stroke of the cross slides in the main machining with Y-axis
    Y-stroke of the cross slide in the main machining mm 30
    X-stroke of cross carriages in counter machining mm 75
    Z-stroke of the cross slides in the counter-machining mm 150
    Max. Number of tools 18
    Max. Number of tools in the counterprocessing 2
    Max. Number of driven tools in the counter-machining 1
    Spindle cooling With oil
    Cutting oil filtration µm 50
    Cutting oil volume l 900
    Standard cutting oil pump: outlet pressure bars 4.30
    Flow rate l / min 100
    High pressure pump (options): a) outlet pressure bars 40
    Flow rate l / min 40
    b) outlet pressure bars 80
    Flow l / min 37
    Max. Length mm 5920
    Max. Width mm 1440
    Height mm 2120
    Weight kg 7,000
    Installed power kW 59
    Numerical control Fanuc
    Programming system TB-DECO ADV, integrated PC

    The Tornos Multiswiss is in very good condition.
    You can visit the plant under power.
    Working hours 11200 / as of December 2018

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