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Netcube Web-IO 8/4

The NetCube® Web-IO 8/4 is an intelligent device server with 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 2 serial ports. It acquires, process and saves data and transmit them immediately or time delayed to a SQL-databank or a remote client.
With the NetCube® Web-IO 8/4 up to 8 machine inputs and 4 outputs 24 VDC and two RS232/485 devices, such as PLC, barcode readers, scales etc. can be connected to a TCP/IP network by LAN or Wifi.

Thanks to their powerful DX86-800 MHz running under Linux?, 512 MB RAM and up to 4 GB flash memory the Net-Cube® Web-IO 8/4 reach unprecedented performances for such a little size.

An extract of applications:
- Transfer of collected data into a SQL database or export as .csv file
- Intelligent client for barcode-readers
- Integration of equipment such as cnc machines, scales, assembly machines etc. into a MES
- Automated alarming via e-mail
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