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RILE Roboter- u. Anlagentechnik Products
RILE Roboter- und Anlagentechnik GmbH
Handling of workpieces
Modular „loading cell“ for processing machines
4000 x 3200-3400 mm or 4800 x 4100 – 4600 mm
approx. 15 - 150 kg
=> direct work piece loading
=> 'Robot cell' main module with 6-axis robot
=> Compact robot cell including protective housing.
=> Standard cells in various sizes
=> Direct connection to the processing machine
=> It may be possible to continue to load the machine manually, if desired
=> Various robot types can be used
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Mobile Loading Cell
Mobile Loading Cell
Handling of workpieces
RILE Roboter- und Anlagentechnik GmbH
Handling of workpieces
Mobile Loading Cell
Increases your flexibility and productivity


- Short changeover times thanks to flexible attachments
- Flexible and easy retrofitting of new components
- Main time parallel loading / unloading and setup possible
- Effective & short term response to new orders
- Integration of downstream processes such as marking, measuring, washing, etc.
- Small installation surface required
- No protective fence mandatory
- Universally applicable to various CNC machines
- Mobile & compact, can be transported quickly and easily using a pallet truck
- Plug & Play operation
- Everything from a single source, from the interface to putting into operation
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