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RÖHM Products
Expanding mandrels

Segment clamping mandrel ABSIS

- Segment clamping sleeve with innovative vulcanisate for great elongation, longest service
life and vibration dampening
- Hardened and ground steel segments for high resistance to wear

Modern manufacturing technology can hardly do without the use of segment clamping mandrels.
In the fields of precision machining, turning, grinding, gear cutting and checking, segment clamping
mandrels assume important tasks that are associated with challenging conditions. The innovative
rubber segments enable a great elongation of the clamping sleeve to 1.2 mm.

- Short tooling and non-productive times thanks to the great elongation of the clamping sleeve up to 1.2mm
- Vibration dampening and long service life thanks to innovative vulcanisate of the clamping sleeves
- Fast replacement of the clamping mandrel thanks to the patented bayonet quick change system

ABSIS Segment clamping mandrel, power-operated with flanged seat; for internal clamping
consists of basic mandrel, adapter, ejector ring, locking belt
compact, solid design for precise machining
steady clamping by axial draw-in
The draw-in of the work-pieces against the rigid work-stop takes place independently via the operation og the mandrels.
vibrations damping by the rate of rubber, the segment sleeve is including

Technical features
high axial- and radial accurancy; high repeating accurancy
hardened low-wear construction, hardened (clamping-) segements (grade >60HRC)
high accurancy by guiding the sleeves on the clamping mandrel
integrated hand-operated lubrication
quick change of the clamping sleeves by central draw bolt

Customer advantages
little height by compact design
for automatical charging
intermediate flanges and different mandrel sizes are optional combinable
adaptable on lathe chucks DURO-NC (employing quick-change systems)
wide clamping range per mandrel size
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MZE mandrels
MZE mandrels
Expanding mandrel
Expanding mandrels
MZE mandrels
The various application areas of the cartridge mandrels require a varied programme which ranges
from manual or power-operated versions to versions with and without axial tension. The centric and
comprehensive internal clamping of cartridge mandrels are particularly impressive for very small clamping diameters and at low overall heights.

- Stable clamping by axial tension against workpiece stop
- Low weight and reduced overall height by a compact design
- High axial run-out precision, concentricity and repeatability

For small clamping diameters and low construction heights: The MZE mandrels from Röhm

The clamping and gripping specialist Röhm provides solutions for the greatest variety of machining tasks. When it is necessary to perform light turning, grinding and measuring work, the MZE cartridge mandrels are the first choice. Their strengths come into their own for workpieces with small clamping diameters and low construction heights.

In addition to properties that apply to all mandrels, such as the centric and comprehensive internal clamping, the MZE provides in particular high concentricity and repeatability within 0.01 mm. This is achieved thanks to the double-sided, slotted clamping sleeve.

The tool-free quick change of the clamping sleeve ensures fast retooling. With a clamping range of 8 to 230 mm, the system is suitable both for workpieces with small as well as large clamping lengths. The low weight and reduced construction height complete the overall package perfectly.
The assortment in a wooden box can be used to be equipped for the greatest variety of machining tasks. Different clamping diameters can be machined with it.
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