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RÖHM Products
Machine vices

NC-Compact vices

The NC-compact vices from RÖHM are excellently suited for use in single or series production. Different types and constructional lengths enable the optimal adaptation to the work area, workpiece and machining task.

NC-compact vices are particularly suited for use on machining centers, milling machines and are ideal
for 5-axis machining. These premium vices are very impressive with their stable and compact design
for maximum clamping accuracy and optimal workpiece accessibility. By simply turning the clamping
force presetting, a clamping force of up to 60 kN can be achieved. With workpieces that are sensitive
to deformation, the force amplification can be disabled.

- Large clamping range and precise positioning due to fixed clamping jaw
- The compact design resists deformation for the greatest possible clamping precision
- Consistent clamping force and maximum repeatability of 0.01 mm

NC-Compact vice Type 743-10 RKE
With stepped jaws

The NC-compact vice RKE: optimized design with proven quality
Especially used on CNC-machines.

Horizontal, side or in connection with a basic plate vertical mounting, for example as DUO clamping tower (back to back).
Size 92 - clamping system mechanical-hydraulical with power transmitter, manually operated.
Size 125, 160 and 200 - clamping system mechanical-mechanical with power transmitter, manually operated.

technical features
- solid steel-body
- all guide surfaces are hardened and ground
- long clamping slide with clutch, hardened on all sides, function surfaces ground
- locking pin with clamping force presetting
- clamping surface for clamping claws

customer advantages
- Central grease nipple for simple lubrication of the spindle thread and all guides
- solid chip guard prevents chips from penetrating the inside of the body
- thread-bore for receiving all RÖHM flat-clamping jaws
- thread for fastening angle drive
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NC-Compact self centering vice RZM
NC-Compact self centering vice RZM
Machine vice
Machine vices
The new RZM from Röhm is designed to meet these requirements. Without any additional substructures or special jaws, the centric clamping unit holds the workpiece securely - with a minimum interference contour as is standard with 5-axis clamping.
The special features of the RZM are the relatively high position of the clamping jaws, the spindle situated at the top, close to the jaws, the length of the jaws themselves and the compact design, which serves to keep interference contours to a minimum. The characteristic height of the vice covers most interference circle dimensions for processing spindles. The outstanding guidance characteristics are based on a patent-protected jaw guidance system. In this innovative design, the first jaw moves on the outside and the second inside, along the base body. This quasi-telescopic arrangement makes it possible to realise an exceptional guidance length without placing any significant limits on the 5-axis processing.
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Machine vices
Machine vices
Machine vice
Machine vices
Machine vices
Universally usable and proven many times over
The RÖHM machine vice is suitable for universal
application on milling machines and machining centers.
The base is equipped with grooves to ensure a
precise fastening on the machine table.

RÖHM machine vices are ideally suited for universal use on milling machines and machining centers and feature impressively high reliability and long service lives. The clamping area above the pin system can be quickly and easily adjusted and the precise jaw guide enables great precision.

Advantages at a glance
•Universally usable and proven many times over for numerous machining processes
•Impressive reliability, service life and precision
•Fast and simple adjustment of the clamping range by pin system

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