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Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Hydraulic pumps and distributors

Power Units in Modular Design

30 - 500 bar
0,9 - 12 l/min
11 l, 27 l, 40 l, 63 l
For the operation of hydraulic clamping fixtures and other handling and clamping systems on machine tools.

The power units of this series consist of individual modules that are selected depending on the application and are assembled on the basis
of a type code to a power unit ready for use.

- Power unit (reservoir, pump, motor)
- Connecting block basic functions
- Valve block with up to 4 control circuits
- Electronics

- for single and double acting cylinders
- continuously adjustable operating pressure
- expandable to up to 8 pressure circuits
- constant flow rate
- wide range of valves
- wide range of hydraulic functions
- energy-saving mode S3 (intermittent mode) or S6 (unpressurised cycle)
- supplied ready for connection
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