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Rollon GmbH Lineartechnik Products

Linear Automation

Rollon GmbH Lineartechnik
Drive elements

Speedy Rail A

Speedy Rail is the special self-supporting and self-aligning rail in extruded aluminum with a deep hard anodized surface treatment that offers exceptionally high performance and load capacity, with no maintenance and lubrication required, total reliability even in dirty environments with uniquely quiet operation. It is available with v-shaped rollers or cylindrical rollers, both covered in a plastic compound, and can be used as a linear rail or actuator.

* High reliability up to 80,000 Km
* Self-supporting for greatest design freedom
* Self-aligning system
* Uniquely quiet
* High technical performance
* High load capacity of over 3,000 Kg
* Optimal reliability in dirty environments
* Absence of lubrication
* Potentially infinite strokes with jointed versions
* Ideal for making 2 or 3-axis Cartesian systems for several applications
* Use as a linear guide or actuator thanks to belt or rack and pinion drives

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Tecline- Linear axes with rack and pinion transmission
Tecline- Linear axes with rack and pinion transmission
Drive element
Rollon GmbH Lineartechnik
Drive elements
1, 2 and 3 Cartesian axis linear modules with rack and pinion drive guarantee precise manipulation of loads from 10 up to 2000 kg with fast and silent functioning.

Our main application fields are: robotics, palletization, production line, logistics and manufacturing machines with Cartesian axis movements.

Our products stand out for their:

* easy and quick assembly;
* high quality and competitive performances;
* reduced and simplified maintenance;
* wide range of integrated solutions;
* possibility of customised solutions;
* constant technical support and CAD drawings available.

Strong points include:

* hardened sloping tooth racks (ground on request);
* payloads from 10 to 2000 Kg;
* up to 12-m beams (longer lengths can be obtained with jointed versions), high level torsional rigidity, precise shape;
* precise machining of all profiles (on request: repeatability up to +/-0.05mm);
* hardened and ground steel guide rails, for rollers and ball slides with cage;
* easy installation of pre-assembled systems for 2- or 3-axis Cartesian robots;
* solutions with guide rails designed for parallel assembly of modules;
* offer of complete solutions: reduction units, cable guides, micro-switches, safety clamps;
* machining to drawing suitable for custom applications; backing plate suitable for assembly of any commercial reduction unit;
* sturdy, adjustable-position safety stops with dampers.
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