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Rollon GmbH Lineartechnik Products

Linear Automation

Rollon GmbH Lineartechnik
Linear motors

Smart System R-Smart

The R-SMART series linear units are particularly suitable for heavy loads, pulling and pushing very heavy weights, demanding work cycles, possible cantilever or gantry mounting, and operation in industrial automated lines.

Extruded and anodized aluminum self-sustaining structure with a rectangular section, available in three sizes, from 120 to 220mm. Transmission with polyurethane steel re-enforced driving belt and features a single-rail with one or more recirculating ball bearing runner blocks. Also available with multiple sliders to further improve load capacity.

These units are best used in applications requiring very heavy loads in extremely confined spaces, and where machines cannot be stopped to carry out ordinary system maintenance.
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Smart System E-Smart
Smart System E-Smart
Linear motor
Rollon GmbH Lineartechnik
Linear motors
Smart System E-Smart
The linear axes of the Smart System consist of a self-supporting aluminium frame. The drive is provided by a steel-reinforced toothed belt. This range of very cost effective linear units has been designed to achieve maximum performance from a carefully planned, simple construction.

* High load ratings
* High speeds and accelerations
* High permissible tilting moments
* Low friction
* Low noise emission

The Smart System consists of three products with different characteristics: E-SMART, R-SMART and S-SMART.

Smart System E-SMART
The E-SMART series comprises linear units with self-supporting extruded aluminium profiles, which are available in four sizes from 30 to 100 mm. They are driven by a steel-reinforced polyurethane toothed belt. One or more recirculating ball bearing guides are mounted on the single rail.

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