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Pictures by PC CAM Software Video - Multi-Axis Machining CNC Machining

2018-03-16 17:32 | 142 calls
Pictures by PC CAD CAM and CNC software from SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH provides an ideal platform for 2.5D prismatic milling and drilling. This video demonstrates features such as Automatic Pocket and Hole Recognition, Trochoidal High Performance Cutting (HPC), High Speed Cutting (HSC) for Pocketing, Intelligent Feed Adjustment, Single Click Application of Proven Machining Strategies, Simulation of Toolpaths Including Machine Head and Tool Holder and 4 Axis Rotary (3+1) and 5 Sxis (3+2) Multi Axis Machining.

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH remain one of a very few CAD/CAM developers that offer free support, without yearly maintenance costs. All standard machine post processors are also included at no extra charge.

Visit www.schott-systeme.com

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