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SCHUNK - Gripping and Clamping Products
SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG Spann- und Greiftechnik
Vacuum fixing plates


Unit for producing negative pressure for vacuum clamping for all standard and special matrix plates.

Field of application
Production of the vacuum for all standard and special matrix plates

Advantages – Your benefits
Automatic EMERGENCY-OFF function (coupled to the machine)
Protects the machining from critical vacuum level and critical fill level of the tank
Integrated pressure gauge, vacuum switch, and alarm device
Visual and audible monitoring of the operating vacuum
Sight glass with electronic float switch and alarm device
Visual and audible monitoring of the fill level
Additional digital output warns of loss of the operating vacuum or a critical fill level during machining
By means of synchronization with the machine control system, machining is stopped when there is a loss of clamping force
Mobile use possible
Ergonomic handling
Energy saving device in automatic mode (at 80% vacuum)
Economical operation

Options and special information
Flexible and reliable vacuum generation
For vacuum generation, SCHUNK offers special vacuum units that ensure maximum flexibility and process reliability. Various components for monitoring the system, and interfaces for integration in the machine control system ensure maximum reliability.
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Vacuum fixing plate
SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG Spann- und Greiftechnik
Vacuum fixing plates
Modular matrix plate for clamping flat workpieces and workpieces with a plane base.

Field of application
Clamping of aluminum
Clamping of non-ferromagnetic materials
Clamping of plastics

Advantages – Your benefits
Easy handling
Short set-up times
High-strength aluminum base body
Distortion-free clamping of flat and thin components
Mechanical back stops attached at the side
Simple positioning of the workpiece and additional absorption of shearing forces
Patented friction islands as an option
Increase in the holding forces by up to 30% without deformation of the workpiece
Support plate in combination with cups
Enables 5-sided machining and simple production of cut-outs and recesses
Modular system
Flexible design of the workpiece

Options and special information
PLANOS matrix plates from SCHUNK clamp flat workpieces and workpieces with a flat bottom reliably and quickly. They ensure minimal set-up times for machining centers. Even components that are difficult to clamp mechanically are child's play with PLANOS, which holds them precisely and without deformation.

PLANOS is a modular system that uses clamping claws or a quick-change pallet system to connect the matrix plates to the machine table. The matrix plates can be combined in a way that suits the workpiece geometry, the machining method, and the horizontal forces to be absorbed.

The PLANOS support plate in combination with suction cups is the optimal solution for 5-side machining and for the machining of workpiece cut-outs. The support plate can be easily fastened to the base plate.

To increase the horizontal holding forces, the PLANOS matrix plates can be equipped with optional friction islands. In comparison with matrix plates without friction islands, the horizontal holding forces are up to 30% higher on matrix plates with friction islands.
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