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SolidCAM China and partner Tongtai held a successful iMachining Seminar

On 3 July, 2017 SolidCAM China and Tongtai joined to hold a seminar on the efficient and intelligent solution iMachining brings to the manufacturing industry.

Mr. Qiu, General Manager of Tongtai in China opened the seminar and reviewed the achievements made in the past years since SolidCAM and Tongtai partnered.

With iMachining, Tongtai customers have been able to save significantly on machining time and to improve the efficiency of the milling process.

After that, Mr. Zhang Zhaoan, the Technical Manager of SolidCAM China presented to the seminar participants, the complete solution SolidCAM offers with all its modules,  including:

HSS for high speed surface machining, HSM for 3D High speed machining, Indexial Multi-Axis Machining, Simultaneous 5x Milling, TurningMill-TurnSolid Probe and of course the revolutionary technology of iMachining 2D + 3D.

Mr. Zhang Zhaoan also demonstrated how SolidCAM + iMachining is a unique, CAM Solution that provides the best value. He also elaborated on iMachining and the patented Technology Wizard which provides the optimal feeds & speeds, eliminates the time-consuming trial and error to find the optimal machine settings and guarantees first-part success.

Following the explanation, the participants got to see iMachining and SolidCAM in action when Mr. Zhang Zhaoan demonstrated a live iMachining cut of a part.

Participants were very impressed to see how iMachining reduces the machinings time by 70% and more when compared to standard milling methods.

At the end of this successful seminar both customers and agents thanked Tongtai and SolidCAM for the well-organized seminar and the great CAM solution it presented.

Special thanks to Tongtai Group which supplied the venue, the machine and the tools.

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