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Spreitzer Products
Spreitzer GmbH & Co. KG
Chucking systems

Mechanical zero-point-system MZP

With the mechanical zero-point-system MZP clamping devices like centre-clamping vises, self-centering vises, machine vises can be rapidly changed on the base unit.
The zero-point-clamping-system enables an increase in machine run-time and manufacturing quality.
The change of the clamping devices is done only by a central clamping screw.

Due to the flat design and the fixturing holes of the zero-point-system an universal mounting on the machine table or on fixturing devices is possible.

Advantages at a glance:

Quick set-up, conversion
Precise positioning 0.005 / 0.01 mm (depending on version)
Clamping tools and pallets can be indexed through 4 × 90°
High pull-in force, high holding force
Economic system

Our zero-point-system:

4-point clamping unit MZP
Interchangeable pallet WP
Clamping unit MZP with indexing
Chucking spigot
  • Clamping unit MZP + indexing
  • Interchangeable pallet WP MZP
  • 4-point clamping unit MZP
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ALUMESS – Fixture systems for CMMs
ALUMESS – Fixture systems for CMMs
Chucking system
Spreitzer GmbH & Co. KG
Chucking systems
Modular clamping fixtures for measuring machines, coordinate measuring machines
The ALUMESS fixturing system is a highly flexible and wide-ranging modular construction system for fixturing workpieces on measuring machines.

The clamping system is based upon perforated plates on which several clamping elements, clamping devices can be positioned. These perforated plates can be screwed onto the measuring plates of the measuring machines.

ALUMESS clamping solutions enable precise and reproducible setups of clamping devices for different workpieces of all industries. They are designed for the flexible use at the measuring station, on coordinate measuring machines as well as on optical measuring systems.

The ALUMESS clamping system is available in 4 different versions:


  • ALUMESS.basic mounting ex.
  • ALUMESS.junior mounting ex.
  • ALUMESS.maxx mounting ex.
  • ALUMESS.optic mounting ex.
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