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SprutCAM Blog

Solidworks Integration

January 2011
Author: Solidworks Integration
Company: Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co. KG
Solidworks Integration Product Details:
SprutCAM includes powerful methods for lathes and mill/turn centers as well as all the features of the existing software for programming 3-axis and 3+2 axis machining centers.

The full associativity of SprutCAM machining to the SolidWorks design model reduces errors when the model changes and supports the process where updates are received for models already machined. When the geometry used to define a machining operation is changed in the SolidWorks design, SprutCAM enables the user to automatically synchronize all machining operations with the updated geometry. The system will make it easy to program all machines in one system and work towards lean manufacturing by optimizing both milling and turning methods, while minimizing the levels of software investment.

The transparent workpiece graphics make it easy to see how the part is progressing and ensure that subsequent toolpaths consider the actual material remaining, which will avoid collisions and minimize air cutting. The advanced graphical toolpath high precision simulation provides collision detection and accurate visualization of the toolpath. SprutCAM toolpath editing provides a powerful means of controlling the exact toolpath, while the customizable post-processor generator and post-processor library enables users to tailor the CNC code to suit their exact requirements.

SprutCAM is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries, electronics, mold & die shops, among others.

No matter what your industry, SprutCAM provides a full range of automated functions to simplify and speed up machining operations for multi-axis CNC milling and turning. To find out more about SprutCAM and its capabilities, please email info@sprutcam.com or visit our website: www.sprutcam.com.

•Very user friendly interface – making it suitable for occasional users
•Advanced and efficient multi-axis turn-milling machining
•Advanced Drilling – includes automatic hole detection and/or user defined holes
•High precision simulation for multi-axis turn-milling machining
•All machining routines are fully gouge protected for both the cutter and the tool holder

•Full associativity of SprutCAM machining to the SolidWorks design model
•Works with native surface/solid models; no preliminary triangulation
•Transparent workpiece state handing over from one operation to the next
•Toolpaths are optimized for HSM machining to extend tool life and reduce wear on the machine
•Extremely easy to learn and use (typically one to two days - no CNC programming experience required)