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Third Wave Systems Webinar

Symbiosis of material/physics-based analysis and cutting-edge machine tools to achieve optimum process conditions

Symbiosis of material/physics-based analysis and cutting-edge machine tools to achieve optimum process conditions
2020-07-30 15:30
free for 200 participants
60 minutes
Jonatan Garcia Barez
Makino GmbH
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Guest Lecture - “Driving machining beyond (known) limitations with Makino Machine Tools”

When you are pushing the limits of machining, you need very well-balanced machines. All the components of the machine need to be able to withstand the forces, stress and bending moment that are experienced when you are machining Titanium with material removal rates in excess of 20 cubic inches a minute or machining Inconel where sparks are flying off the cutting edge. When designing such systems, it is important to understand the physics of machining including the cutting forces, the bending moment, and stresses on the tool. As Makino develops new machines or delivers turnkey solutions, it applies the understanding of the physics of machining to ensure that its machine tools deliver the best performance possible. In this webinar, we will cover how the physics-based analysis is done, the benefits our customers have seen in terms of material removal rates achievable, while extending tool and spindle life.