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New perspectives on mobility

July 2019
Author: Tornos Team
Company: Tornos SA
New perspectives on mobility

The Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (IMC) 2019 at Rottweil's Kraftwerk kept all its promises. An impressive panel of experts spoke about what mobility might be in the future, and how the industry can cope with the challenges ahead. Organized by Swiss machine tool manufacturer Tornos, the event was a great success, and the many participants appreciated both the experts’ presentations and the fruitful related exchanges.

The 150 people present at the IMC 2019 did not regret having taken a ticket for the mobility of tomorrow. Thanks to the experts’ present, they were able, in four well-conducted presentations, to benefit from several years of mobility-related research concentrated in the one-day event. Following the presentations, a panel discussion - guided by journalist and digital economist Katrin-Cécile Ziegler - provided constructive insights into the various points of view and culminated a rich and well-rounded morning.

How will we move in the future? Are current means of transport obsolete? Should we give up some fuels, such as diesel, which some consider toxic?

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