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About Textile Machinery Webtalks

February 2023
Author: Boris Abadjieff
Company: VDMA - Textile Machinery Association
About Textile Machinery Webtalks

The aim of the webtalks, in which up to three VDMA member companies each present their technologies along the textile chain, is to educate and motivate potential customers to look beyond their own textile horizons, especially when it comes to introducing efficient and sustainable technologies. Very up-to-date and future-oriented topics and solution approaches were and are dealt with, such as mask production, circular economy, digitalisation and artificial intelligence in the textile chain and much more. We know from the feedback from members that concrete projects and business deals have been initiated through the webtalks.

Which organisations can hold a presentation in the VDMA Textile Machinery Webinar Room?
First and foremost, members of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association can present their innovative technology solutions and applications. They can do this either alone or with one or two other partner organisations. Possible partners include other VDMA members, customers (textile manufacturers) or textile research institutes. Their presentations should complement the technology presentations of the VDMA members in terms of content.

What do the participants say?
From June 2020 to February 2021, a total of 2,600 experts and decision-makers from the textile and nonwoven industry took part in 13 webtalks that were held. The participants come from over 80 countries. This amounts to an average of 200 participants per event, and even up to 300 actual participants at the peak. VDMA Textile Machinery and its members thus reach a large part of the textile and nonwoven world: manufacturers, agencies, textile research institutes, lecturers and students at universities, customer associations, brand manufacturers close to consumers, decision-makers from politics and international organisations.

“Overall, as a "textile person from the ground up", I find this webinar series very interesting and insightful and would like to see it continue and address more topics on textile manufacturing and technology. Furthermore, in times of Covid-19 and lack of trade fairs / contacts, it is an excellent medium to get news on textile production processes."

Project Engineer at TEXTIMA Export Import GmbH, www.textima.de

“It was a very motivating and profitable way to, in direct contact with three of the most relevant textile machinery manufacturers, follow three good interventions along with important insights. Congratulations for the initiative. I’m already waiting for the next…”

Senior Consultant, Indústrias Têxteis Somelos SA, Portugal, www.somelos.pt

 „These are topics of great interest here in Brazil by many people and the Denim market is very strong with several companies. ABTT Brazilian Association Textile Technology will publicize this event in its members and other textile professionals in Brazil.”

Nelson Pereira Jr, President, ABTT-Brazilian Association of Textile, Confection and Fashion Technology

“Congratulations on the excellent virtual meeting. Very important themes for the evolution of the textile industry.”
Reinaldo Aparecido Rozzatti - Council member, ABTT-Brazilian Association of Textile, Confection and Fashion Technology

“Thank you for organising another webtalk on a very important topic. We look forward more such programs on contribution of Textile Machinery industry for the society. ”

Voltas  Limited, Textile Machinery Division, India, www.voltas.com/textile-solutions

“It was great hearing to webinar specially when we are putting up a plant to run production of N 95 Respirators & Surgical Masks in Canada. We appreciate that in COVID times, you are using right medium to reach people who have interests in such topics. I will certainly get in touch with the speakers directly.”

Project Director at Ontario Masks & Gloves Inc, Mississauga, Canada 

“Great presentation and discussions today around face mask/packaging production.  It was very useful.  I particularly liked the Quizz in the middle of the webinar.  I had not seen that before; great way to take a pulse on attendees thoughts and strategies.”

Hollingsworth & Vose, Sales and Business Development / Medical & Respiratory Applications, USA, www.hollingsworth-vose.com

“First, I want to say that all the Lectures are <> and they are very useful to us, so Congratulations to you and your Team. I have some questions for ….”

Alexander Chanioglou, Engineering and Dyeing Consultant for Dyehouses & Finishing Mills, Greece

“First of all, I would like to thank VDMA for organizing regular Webtalk on different topics and inviting various organizations who are involved in textile business. Decathlon, a French sports retail company involved in the Sportswear business. We master the whole value chain from design,  raw material selection to the end of finishing good manufacturing. We collaborated with our textile vendors in different countries and even involved investment decisions with manufacturers in order to reduce environmental impact and moved towards digitalization. We already have direct contact with companies like … and we are collaborating on various projects. The topic of the next webtalk is interesting for us and we would like to contact them in order to discuss in detail and find the possibility in order to collaborate.”

Method Engineer, DECATHLON FRANCE, www.decathlon.fr

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