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Textile Machinery Webinar


Recycling of man-made fibres - challenges and solutions towards a textile circular economy

January 19th 2022, 02:00 pm CET
Duration: 60 Minutes

Webinar ended

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Under the umbrella of the EU Green Deal, the European Commission intends to develop a strategy on "Circular Textile Economy". A strategy adopted by the Commission is expected in 2022.

The circular economy will have a profound impact also on the future of the manmade fiber industry and open up many new opportunities.

ITA - Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University and Oerlikon Manmade Fibers will present the challenges and solutions for a sustainable circular economy.

Agenda on January 19th 2022

02:00 PM CET
02:00 PM CET

Welcome & introduction

Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association
02:10 PM CET
02:10 PM CET

Current developments of technical solutions for textile recycling

Numerous processes to recycle plastics are described in the literature. However, fibre blends, multilayer constructions and textile-specific impurities make the recycling of synthetic textiles a particular challenge. In this webinar, challenges and solutions for the recycling of synthetic textiles will be presented and discussed.

Amrei BeckerInstitut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University
02:30 PM CET
02:30 PM CET

Innovative Manmade Fibers Solutions support a sustainable textile value chain.

The right technologies for recycling and energy efficiency are key requirement for a sustainable Manmade Fiber Industry.
Oerlikon Manmade Fibers is describing a cascaded approach into new technologies as well as different material sources outlining the need for versatile solutions

Markus ReichweinOerlikon Textile GmbH & Co KG
02:50 PM CET
02:50 PM CET


Nicolai StrauchVDMA Textile Machinery Association
03:00 PM CET
03:00 PM CET

Summary & Outlook

Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association


Markus Reichwein
Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co KG
Boris Abadjieff
VDMA Textile Machinery Association
Nicolai Strauch
VDMA Textile Machinery Association
Amrei Becker
Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University