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Textile Machinery Webinar


Get Comfy with the Future of Finishing

March 15th 2022, 02:00 pm CET
Duration: 59 Minutes

Webinar ended

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From clothing to upholstery, the textile industry is on an odyssey to be greener, cleaner and leaner.
But can they do it and remain profitable? One innovative Spanish upholstery company started on this very journey.

What were their challenges? And did they get it all sewn up?
Join Boris Abadjieff for a fireside chat with Miguel Amoròs from Pascual y Bernabeu, and Simone Morellini from Baldwin technology to find out.

Agenda on March 15th 2022

02:00 PM CET
02:00 PM CET

Welcome & introduction

Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association
02:05 PM CET
02:05 PM CET

Textile industry- greener, cleaner and leaner?

Miguel Amoròs from Pascual y Bernabeu, and Simone Morellini from Baldwin technology talk about the challenges of becoming more sustainable.

About Baldwin Technology:
We’re on a quest to get textile brands and mills to eliminate chemical waste, reduce energy consumption and produce a more consistently higher quality product. Achieving this supports their ambition for better sustainability and profitability. How? Non-contact precision spray. Join the revolution in textile finishing.

About Pascual y Bernabeu:
3 million families in over 60 countries sit on Aquaclean treated sofa fabric. Backed by over 50 years of experience in fabric manufacturing, Aquaclean Group, part of Pascual y Bernabeu occupies a leading market position in sofa upholstery, automotion and footwear because of its quality, service and sustainable approach

Simone Morelliniwww.baldwintech.com
Miguel Amoròs www.pascualybernabeu.com
02:45 PM CET
02:45 PM CET


Finally, we hugely welcome any questions and content that we could add in based on what you see in the industry that would be interesting for us or Miguel to have an opinion on.

02:55 PM CET
02:55 PM CET

Summary & Outlook

Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association


Boris Abadjieff
VDMA Textile Machinery Association
Nicolai Strauch
VDMA Textile Machinery Association
Simone Morellini
Miguel Amoròs