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Textile Machinery Webinar


Spotlight Talk: Upcycling textile waste: The ITA Recycling Atelier and Trützschler Recycling solutions

June 21st 2022, 02:00 pm CEST
Duration: 33.3 Minutes

Webinar ended

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In this live broadcast, Prof. Dr. Stefan Schlichter (Managing Director ITA Augsburg) and Ralf Müller, head of techology at Trützschler Spinning, will talk about upcycling solutions for textile waste. Prof. Dr. Stefan Schlichter will present the concept and the setup of the ITA Recycling Atelier, an industrial partner network heading for upcycling and design 4 recycling of textile waste. Ralf Müller will present machinery solutions and technological insights for upcycling textile waste into quality yarn. First joint results will be presented and samples demonstrated.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Schlichter
Ralf Müller