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From energy-efficiency to research and training

From energy-efficiency to research and training – at the Blechexpo 2013, the VDW will be showcasing new trends in forming technology

Frankfurt am Main, 29 October 2013. – At the Blechexpo 2013, the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) will in Frankfurt am Main on 8 November 2013 be showcasing issues and trends in the field of forming technology as part of the Exhibitors’ Forum. “Together with partners from our member companies and from universities, under the aegis of the Exhibitors’ Forum we have organised a forum block at the fair”, says Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, the VDW’s Executive Director. The event will focus on research results from forming technology, energy-efficiency in production operations, and recruitment for the machine tool industry.

The VDW Research Institute organises the shared research work for the sector. At present, there are three projects ongoing in the field of forming technology. One of them is engaged in developing a non-contact feed for high conveyor speeds, and was completed in summer of this year. The result will be on show at the Blechexpo. Sergej Teichrib, the responsible project manager at the Institute for Forming Technology and Forming Machines (IFUM) at Leibniz University in Hanover, describes the idea as follows: “For transporting electrically conductive sheets, an innovative feed system has been developed with which the material being machined is advanced in a non-contact mode using electro-magnetic forces. Compared to the present-day mechanical roller feed systems, the feed forces can be doubled with the new concept, and higher dynamics achieved.” The tecodrive GmbH company, a spin-off from the IFUM, is already marketing this feed system. In addition, there are plans to design-enhance the system for other workpieces as well, such as U-profiles, pipes or round rods.

Very many companies in the machine tool industry are meanwhile addressing the issue of energy-efficiency in their production operations, not least in press technology, for instance. Steffen Nickler, Head of Product Management at Schuler SMG GmbH in Waghäusel, describes a new solution from his company, which he will be showcasing at the Blechexpo. “With our technology for hydraulic presses, we can significantly cut energy consumption. With a new, patented start-up system, the drives are rigorously disconnected from the mains even for very short non-productive times and restarted without any time losses.”

Sustainable operations are an obligation to society
To complement this, the VDW will be spotlighting solutions from the field of forming technology, under the heading of “Sustainable sheet forming – Blue Competence: energy-efficiency and resource-economy”. “Using energy efficiently and maximising resource-economy is an obligation to society”, is the firm conviction of Ralf Reines, responsible at Blue Competence at VDW. This challenge has meanwhile been taken up by more than 400 “Alliance Members” of the Blue Competence initiative. Many of them are active in sheet-metal-working and pioneers in terms of sustainable production and/or setting up production lines”, adds Ralf Reines.

Another paramount issue for the entire sector and its customers is how to recruit appropriately qualified staff. This is the remit of the VDW’s Youth Training Foundation. At the Blechexpo, it will be showcasing “Innovations in vocational training”. Peter Bole, Director of the VDW’s Youth Training Foundation, describes the foundation’s goals as follows: “We aim to enthuse young people for the machine tool industry, and also to bring about a sustained improvement in the quality of training for computer-aided manufacturing and ensure due attention is paid to the speed of innovation in the machine tool industry.” The principal focuses of the foundation’s work accordingly include projects for improving the quality of training, concentrating on the appropriate skilling of instructors and trainers. In the past three years, for example, more than 2,000 teachers and trainers in the field of computer-aided manufacturing have been familiarised with the latest state of the art.

“Anyone interested is most cordially invited to find out more about the VDW’s activities in our forum block”, says Wilfried Schäfer. As the conceptual sponsor of the Blechexpo 2013, he added, the VDW aims to anchor more broadly its performative spectrum in terms of forming technology.

For your diary

When: Friday, 8 November 2013

Where: Stuttgart State Fair, Hall 6, Stand 6115

What:  VDW presentation under the aegis of the Exhibitors’ Forum to coincide with the Blechexpo – Schweisstec   
             10.00 a.m.     Development of a non-contact feed for high conveyor speeds
                                     Sergej Teichrib, IFUM Hanover
             10.40 a.m.     Innovative press hydraulics upgrade energy-efficiency
                                     Steffen Nickler, Schuler SMG GmbH, Waghäusel
             11.20 a.m.     Sustainable sheet forming – Blue Competence:
                                     for energy-efficiency and resource-economy
                                     Ralf Reines, VDW, Frankfurt am Main
             12:00 noon   Innovation in vocational training
                                     Peter Bole, VDW Youth Training Foundation, Bielefeld, Frankfurt am Main


For further information, please contact Andreas Wesche, VDW Research and Technology, Tel. +49 69 756081-64, a.wesche@vdw.de

Responsible for the content of this press release: Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


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