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A boat trip to Mexico for one grinding machine

From Biberach to Mexico City, the VOLLMER VGrind grinding machine embarked on a trip to its new home at PRECI-TOOLS. The Mexican company manufactures tools made of solid carbide or tipped with PCD (polycrystalline diamond) suitable for the precise machining of metals and composites. Sharpening specialists VOLLMER adapted the new VGrind to the specific needs of the tool manufacturing company, which is now able to design a more efficient production process for their solid carbide tools. The grinding machine is in high demand around the world – VOLLMER supplies around 60% of them to other countries.

A grinding machine taking a trip by boat is no rarity at VOLLMER, based in Biberach. The Swabian sharpening specialists send their grinding and eroding machines to customers all over the world: VOLLMER delivers two out of every three VGrind grinding machines internationally. Of these, 40% are sent to Europe and Asia – the rest must travel overseas by boat.

The VGrind's fate to embark on a journey to Mexico was sealed when the contract signed by David Galván Martínez some 10,000 kilometres from Biberach entered into force. David Galván Martínez is the CEO and founder of PRECI-TOOLS. His letter arrived in VOLLMER's postbox. His name was carefully added to the list of orders and the delivery address printed: PRECI-TOOLS, Mexico City, Calle Galeana 74.

"The first time we saw a VGrind at GrindTec in Augsburg three years ago, we quickly realised that it is the perfect machine to enable us to achieve our ambitious aim – we want to be a leading tool manufacturer in Mexico," explains David Galván Martínez.

Milling cutters, drills and reamers from PRECI-TOOLS are popular with Mexican companies from the car manufacturing, aerospace and metal industries. For over three decades, the tool manufacturing company and its 36 employees have supplied over 100 customers. Manufactured from solid carbide or tipped with PCD (polycrystalline diamond), the tools are suitable for the precise machining of metals or composites. Their clients include automotive manufacturers such as VW and Nissan, as well as the aerospace company Aernnova.

With the new VGrind, PRECI-TOOLS can design a more efficient production
process for their solid carbide tools. For this purpose, VOLLMER meticulously adapted the grinding machine to meet the tool manufacturer's requests, enabling PRECI-TOOLS to offer their customers the utmost precision in metal machining.

The VOLLMER VGrind, with its two vertically positioned spindles, boasts modern kinematics which enable multi-level machining. The workpieces can be ground at the optimal pivot point of the C axis on both grinding spindles. This spindle positioning solves the common problems related to fixed and floating bearings, which leads to more precise results when machining workpieces. The HP 160 pallet magazine for the VGrind enables automatic machining at any hour of the day. The magazine can hold up to 272 workpieces and automatically feed them to
the grinding machine.

Before the VGrind could move into its new home at PRECI-TOOLS, it made another stopover in León at EXPOMAQ – the Mexican Trade Fair for Machine Tools, Construction Machinery and Equipment. The trade fair is an important meeting place for the sector and also serves to consolidate the collaboration between Mexico and Germany.

"PRECI-TOOLS and VOLLMER are a brilliant example of a transatlantic success story which has reached a new milestone with the delivery of the VGrind," says Dr.-Ing. Stefen Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "We think of ourselves as a partner for tool manufacturers worldwide and are constantly expanding our expertise concerning tool grinding with new technologies and services."

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