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Tiger•tec® Gold: As strong as ever. More flexible than ever before.

2022-03-08 11:00 | 130 calls
The key is the holistic approach to development.
The new generation of cutting tool materials from Walter has arrived and has begun redefining peak performance in machining. With unparalleled innovation and superior technology: Having mastered milling and holemaking, Tiger·tec® Gold is now also conquering turning.
The key to this is the holistic approach to development, combined with cost-efficiency, process reliability and productivity. Tiger·tec® Gold puts all of these aspects into practice at the highest level and in every machining operation, be it milling, holemaking or turning. As strong as ever. More flexible than ever before.

Strong in milling
The continuous insertion and removal of the cutting edge requires a high-performance coating. For dry milling with high cutting data in cast iron and steel, the CVD coating, which contains titanium aluminium nitride, guarantees maximum efficiency. In contrast, cutting tool materials with a PVD coating containing aluminium oxide are used for stainless materials and materials with difficult cutting properties.

Strong in holemaking
The different cutting speeds provided by the outer and inner indexable inserts are characteristic of holemaking operations. The PVD coating is at a clear advantage here thanks to its optimum wear resistance and reduced coating thickness.

Strong in turning
Since the cutting edge is practically always in use during turning, this leads to high machining temperatures which pose particular requirements for the cutting tool materials. Tiger·tec® Gold turning grades meet these requirements due to a highly textured TiCN Al2O3 CVD layer – featuring excellent heat resistance and outstanding tool life values.

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