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EMP 14 Aluminium-Frässystem
Precision tools & clamping technology > Cutting tools > Indexable inserts for milling
The EMP14 aluminum milling system for precise 90° shoulders has been specially designed for aerospace and is the first choice for aluminum machining and machining of non-metallic materials. The compact system is perfect for roughing but also very well suited for finishing.The corresponding inserts are available in a wide range of different corner radii from 0.2 mm–5.0 mm. Their uncoated, highly polished and precision ground design enables high repeatability and dimensional stability, reduces the formation of built-up edges and ensures the best surface finish. The LP chipbreaker guarantees high-performance aluminum roughing and maximum cutting performance.With the new chip chamber design of the cutting tools, chip removal is optimal and interference-free.The cutting tools are available as shank, replaceable head and slip-on milling tools. The diameter range is 32–125 mm.

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Planfrässystem FME17
Precision tools & clamping technology > Cutting tools > Surface milling tools
The FME17 face milling system from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has been specially developed for the demanding tasks of roughing and finishing flat surfaces with high demands on surface quality and contours and is currently available in the diameter range 50 – 400 mm. The 75° milling system in combination with 8-flute negative inserts produces increased cutting edge stability. New chipbreakers for roughing, finishing and general machining also provide positive cutting geometry and thus lower cutting pressure, while the open chipformer design ensures controlled chip evacuation. The SN*X plates in the new design, available in four grades for use on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and high-temperature resistant materials, are characterized by increased fracture stability and thus increased process reliability. Finally, a detail on the subject of cost-effectiveness and reduction of variants: The SNMX120512-* plates can also be used on two other ZCC Cutting Tools Europe milling systems, FMA17 and FMP17.&Uml;ber überzeugen konnte das Frässystem inzwischen bereits bei Anwendungen in der Automobilindustrie: Unter Randbedingungen mit ungünstigen Spannsituationen, lange Auskraglänge des Frässystems sowie Vibrationen und schlechten Oberflächen mit resultierten Standzeiteinbrüchen konnte das FME17 Frässystem bei der Zerspanung von GGG50 mit 30% mehr Zeitspanvolumen glänzen. Translated with DeepL
Spanleitstufe MU
Precision tools & clamping technology > Cutting tools > Indexable inserts for grooving and parting
In the MU chip groove, 3D-optimized chip shaping elements ensure maximum chip control, relevant and important both for grooving and parting off as well as for grooving turning. In combination with the special stability of the cutting edge, caused among other things by coordinated and optimized macro and micro geometries, the MU chip grooves from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe offer an extra high degree of flexibility in use. With further minimized wear due to reduced surface contact as a result of optimized chip forming elements, MU chip grooves are suitable for machining a whole range of materials, from steel and stainless steel to cast iron and high-alloy materials.Compared to the MM chip groove already established on the market, ZCC-Cutting Tools achieves in the new MU chip groove through the 3D-optimized chip shaping elements up to 20% more stable cutting edge with simultaneous minimization of the contact surface in the area of chip evacuation, which significantly reduces the temperature formation during chip development. Chip shaping was also taken into account in the development of the MU chip groove, as can be seen from the very good chip groove and good rolling and chip breaking behavior. Particularly in difficult applications, such as grooving and parting off in the heavily interrupted cut in 42CrMo4, a process-reliable tool life increase of 15% could be achieved here in practice.

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