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Birmingham, UK: ZOLLER meets CAD/CAM – »3D-Scan« creates Vericut & Delcam models

November 2011
Author: Robert Auer
Company: E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
Birmingham, UK: ZOLLER meets CAD/CAM – »3D-Scan« creates Vericut & Delcam models Daily routine - not just in Birmingham. Creating new tools in a CAD/CAM system as a basis for NC programming and simulation can be a cumbersome and time consuming job. And to make things worse one does not know if theory matches praxis until the first part is machined. Because in theory, theory and practise are the same, in practise they're not.

For a leading manufacturer of Aircraft Engines this is finally a thing of the past. With the ZOLLER presetter and measuring machine »venturion« and the ZOLLER »3D-Scan« software they automatically scan tool contours and save them as graphics file – quickly and easily. The file is then being used to generate the NC program and right before making chips a scan of the final, assembled tool will be used to optimize the NC program and to perform a collision detection – to save time, money and eliminate scrapped parts.

After the first couple scans everybody was „very amused“ about the results and the ease of use. The time savings compared with drawing the tools “by hand” and the productivity gains by using the actual tool for programming and optimization convinced everybody. Because with ZOLLER, theory and practice are the same, not just in theory.

From Birmingham, UK
Robert Auer

ZOLLER 3D Toolscan:
During NC-programming work pieces often have to be programmed together with tools for which there are no original drawings available. A programmer then has to rely on theoretical data differing from the original tool. The ZOLLER »3D-Scan« allows to quickly and easily scan and save a tool contour as graphics file. Procedure: Specify the starting and end point of the tool. In order to split up a tool into several drawing layers, e. g. for separating the tool cutting edge from the tool shank, it is possible to define several cutting points. It is then possible to start the scanning process. Afterwards the contour is displayed as 3D graphics and can be saved in DXF, XML, STEP or STL format for programs such as Delcam or Vericut.

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