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5th Axis


5th Axis Workholding
7140 Engineer Rd.
CA 92111 San Diego
United States

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About us

We founded 5th Axis in 2004 initially as CNC job shop that catered to a vast array of industries such as aerospace, military, medical and commercial. As our experience with a broad spectrum of 3, 4 and 5 axis parts grew, we persisted through the challenges that are required of manufacturing many different parts on a daily basis. We discovered there was a void for robust workholding that could withstand these complex and ever evolving challenges. We concluded there was a need in the industry for an affordable, reliable and flexible workholding system that could be not only an economical solution for prototype parts but also be a high volume production remedy for orders that low bidder has been awarded and urgently need to find a way to save time, cost and material. We spent years of research with some of the best engineering and machinist talent on the planet, and developed a robust line of products that give machine shops the edge they need to stay efficient, competitive and profitable. Our mission has been to change the mentality of running one part at a time in a big clunky vise to running multiple parts in a smaller work envelope thereby increasing output and profit. 5th Axis still keeps their CNC job shop alive so we can maintain our vision of staying ahead of the technology curve as we continuously innovate to meet equipment and customer requirements. The global market place is a reality of today and we have been able to keep manufacturing and jobs in the USA and we are delighted to share our creative strategies of success with our peers.
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