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Antonius Köster


Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG
Hünenburgstraße 6
59872 Meschede
+49 (0)291 / 56465
+49 (0)291 / 56466

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About us

Antonius Koester, founder and owner of Antonius Koester’s GmbH & Co. KG was born in 1965.

His initial idea was to study industrial design after high school but did instead his master in mold making. Before Mr. Koester opened his own company in 1993 he had worked for three different mold-making companies where he gained experiences in model mock-ups, molding, prototyping and jig and fixtures.

His first experience with 3D CAD and CNC milling was in 1989. At that time they only used drawings, which they turned into 3D shapes and then created the tool path for 3 to 5 axis milling machines. (Machining process of using rotary cutters to remove material from a solid work piece). His job description was to offer these services of turning 3D drawing into 3D CAD data, doing the full preparation of mold making and offering the data of the mold. In 1991 Antonius started working with rapid prototyping. From that moment on it was clear for Antonius Koester that he would become deeply involved in the 3D technologies.

Antonius Koester founded his company in 1993. The purpose of the company’s existence was to support smaller to middle sized companies with prefabrication work. This demand for support emerged when more companies decided to work digitally but had limited capabilities in the use of CAD/CAM.

Since 2009 Antonius Koester is head of the expert forum "CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping in dental industries" at the RapidTech. Since then he has proven his expert knowledge in multiple presentations on digital technologies covering dental techniques, medical constructs and molding.

Nowadays, the company exists of a dedicated team of experts as well as several freelancers. These experts and freelancers based in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden are assisting Antonius Koester GmbH & Co. KG with training and demo’s across these countries.

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