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ABM Group Dooel
Ul. Video Smilevski Bato
1200 Tetovo

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 8 categories

Machine tools
Tool grinding machines
Universal tool and cutter grinding machines
Tool sharpening and lapping machines
Carbide tool sharpening machines
Sharpening machines for saw blades / saw grinding machines
Shear blade and machine knife sharpening machines
Other tool and cutter sharpening machines
Sawing and cutting-off machines
Band sawing machines
Circular sawing machines

About us

1965 The company founded by Saim KESOGLU in Izmir,Yaghaneler. Production began with the band saw machine A-45 which is used in all woodworking companies in Turkey and still have been produced. In 2010 we are proud that A45 machine production has reached 20,000 quantity.
1968 Saim KESOGLU continued his designs with the production of automatic band saws setting machine SCM-I.
1976 C.KESOGLU has started his career as the second generation of the company.
1977 First export was done to Algeria.
1978 The company enlarged it’s activities by moving to a new facility in Gaziemir.
1981 The company exhibited in it’s first international exhibition in Izmir.
1982 The company continued to develop with the memorable D700 HSS circular saw machines.
1984 The capacity extension has continued with D-702 product , TCT&HSS saw blade grinding machine,PTG product automatic band saw swaging machine and MGS product heavy-duty band saw grinder.
1987 The company moved to the modern new facility in Menderes which has been still in function.
1987 ABM showed up in the first internation woodworking exhibition in Tepebasi,Istanbul.
1992 After the widespread of Stellite material technology, SUK92 stellite tipping machine for band,gang and circular saws and EM-92 side grinding machine for swaged and stellite re-tipped band,gang and circular saws were announced to the worldwide markets.
1993 The first comprehensive grinding shop in Ankara was completely supported by ABM with all types of circular and band saw machinery.
1993 The company did it’s first exhibition in Ligna 1993, Hannover,Germany.
1994 The company did it’s quantum leap in Far East by agency agreement with Wood-tech company.
1995 Coproduction agreement signed with Italian Pavia company.
1996 It is the time for keeping up with the technology and our well-known leading OTOMAT-96 has been started production.
1997 The first export was done to U.S. by PNK product, heavy-duty band saw grinding machine.
1998 The first Steel Relieving Machine was produced which has been currently used in most of the grinding shops.
1999 Our valuable electric-electronics engineer Mahmut ONCU who is still leading the R&D department has developed our own ABM PLC control system.
1999 The first Numerical control machine NC, automatic TCT circular saw grinder was introduced to the industry in Istanbul TUYAP exhibition.
2006 CNC controlled machines were introduced to the industries responding all the market demands .
2009 Heading to the future, our company has strengthened it’s structure by becoming incorporation.
2009 PREMIUM-LOAD minimizing the human effort was announced to the world markets as an automatic grinding machine with robot loading system.
2010 ABM has developed it’s own motion control system with advanced technology.
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