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Accretech (Europe) GmbH
Landsberger Straße 396
81241 München
+49 89 546788-0
+49 89 546788-10

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About us

ACCRETECH was founded in 1949 in Tokyo and is now concentrated on two particular international business areas: as a manufacturer of industrial High Precision Measuring Instruments, and as a manufacturer of Semiconductor Production Equipment. ACCRETECH has been established in the European market since 1989. Many innovations emerged in this period, which opened up new possibilities for examining work pieces and for continuing development of ultra-thin microchips. Innovations from Accretech are always tailored to the particular needs of our customers.

The name ACCRETECH was created from the words “accrete”, which means “to grow and fuse together, and “technology”. This philosophy also exemplifies our long standing cooperation with partners such as Carl Zeiss AG. Using synergies, joining forces, finding solutions, providing the best products with the best support.