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Laser eroding machines


Laser processing machine for pre-processing superhard materials

Tools made of superhard matrials, in particular indexable inserts with superhard tips (PCD, pCBN etc.) are lasered near to the final dimension and finally processed on the grinding machine. Compared to grinding, the Neo laser has an approximately 100 times higher removal rate when processing superhard materials. New at the EMO 2019: Neo laser processing machine with automatic loading and unloading.

+ Ideal combination of tremendous machining speed and perfect surface quality
+ The combined process of laser processing and grinding is faster than other established processes
+ Considerably reduced costs for consumables when grinding the superhard material tips
+ Reasonable investment costs for laser processing
+ The Neo is extremely compact with a footprint of about 1 m2 (with automation unit around 2 m2)
+ The automation unit can be attached at a later time

+ Clamping system HSK E25
  • Neo – Fast and efficient processing of superhard materials
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