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AIMESS Products GmbH
Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Straße 60
39288 Burg
+49 3921 63639-11
+49 3921 63639-28

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About us

Aimess Products GmbH was founded in August 2009 as subsidiary company of Aimess Services GmbH.

We act as a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of various specimens/normals for stationary and portable measuring systems, adapters and accessories for 3D measurement systems and measurement devices for quality assurance in the international industrial sector.

In collaboration with our customers, we provide solutions for individual measuring tasks. Our customers are supported by our engineers who have years of experience in the field of tactile and optical coordinate measurement technology and a variety of measurement tasks.

Our global customers can be found in a variety of industries including automotive, aviation and space industry, shipbuilding, machinery and equipment, coordinate measuring machines manufacturer, measurement service and calibration laboratories.

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