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akvola Technologies


Wastewater-free Production with akvoFloat™

akvoFloat™ system
akvoFloat™ system
Wastewater purification, plant and components
akvola Technologies GmbH
Wastewater purification, plants and components
akvoFloat™ system
With akvoFloat™ your wastewater volumes are drastically reduced and your disposal costs decrease up to 80%. This technology allows you to turn your wastewater into a water and an oil phase. The water can be reused in your production process and the oil phase can be recycled.

akvoFloat™ can also be used as a pretreatment step for existing plants: changes in the production line lead to changes in the composition and amount of the different wastewater streams. This leads to higher operating costs, personnel deployment and longer downtimes, e.g. through too frequent membrane replacements or evaporator maintenance cleanings. The novel ceramic membranes in the akvoFloat™ technology act as an absolute barrier against such changes and enable a stable operation of the whole wastewater treatment plant.

The payback times for our solutions are below 1,5 years.

akvoFloat™ is a hybrid water treatment process consisting of flotation and filtration. The technology is based on our proprietary akvola MicroBubble Generator™, novel ceramic flat sheet membranes and proprietary membrane cleaning strategies.
  • akvoFloat™ - Treatment and reuse of metalworking fluids and washwater
  • Spent MWF treatment
  • Washwater treatment
  • Novel ceramic membranes
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