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Albrecht Precision


Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co.KG
Antoniusstraße 25
73249 Wernau
+49 7153 3006-0
+49 7153 3006-11

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About us

June 1908. Josef Albrecht founds our company. Starting in a small precision mechanical work shop a triumphal procession began which has changed the metal processing in the area of drilling and milling.In 1917 already, the still young company moves to its first production site. Esslingen, Stuttgart. There, drill chucks are being produced which gained worldwide recognition, even then already.

And in 1932 the world’s first keyless self-tightening drill chuck was invented here.

From this date everybody was able to work without an extra clamping key. An invention which established itself over the course of only a few years.
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