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ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH
Jägermühle 10
87647 Unterthingau
+49 8377 929-0
+49 8377 929-380

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Precision tools & clamping technology 3
Clamping devices 3
Alle Clamping devices
Chucking systems
Standard fixture parts and clamping devices
Clamping devices, hydraulic
Other clamping devices
Chucks, others

About us

For 45 years we have offered our customers machine vices which are easy to operate and ergonomic, by young and old, women or men. Our vices hold the workpieces tight and thus avoid damage to humans and machines. The reliability and precision reduce machine downtimes, allowances, waste and thus costs. The purchase price is also recouped by the very long service life. We are the only vice manufacturer to guarantee a 20-year supply of replacement parts and probably offer the fastest service. In the future, our vices will become even more accessible and intelligent. They communicate with their environment and relieve the strain on your employees even more.

Our aim is to become the worldwide technological leader in the area of machine vices by 2030. By “technological leader”, we understand innovative products which have established themselves on the market. In addition, however, also advances in the processes – such as production, assembly, support, sales, service and administration. A stable, long-term development with a secure profit situation takes priority over growth in turnover and short-term achievement of profits.
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