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Allomet Corporation


Allomet Corporation Allomet Corporation
509 Hahntown-Wendel Road
15642 North Huntington
United States

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 40 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
Abrasive tools and products
Hand held tools, mechanically
Materials & semifinished products
Castings in steel and special alloys
Sintered materials
Metal coatings

About us

Allomet Corporation is the metallized powder industry’s sole developer and producer of nano-engineered EternAloy® HNT products that deliver extreme levels of combined hardness and toughness. EternAloy® HNT materials are excellent solutions for a wide range of high-value industrial cutting tools and surface coating applications that require exceptional levels of reliability, productivity, and safety performance.

The company is uniquely positioned to apply patented TCHP (Tough-Coated Hard Powder) technology to a wide range of material combinations to meet customer requirements. TCHP technology allows for the precision coating of 2-50 micrometer-sized hard core particles of any shape with 50-500 nanometer-thin tough coatings and binders. The products can be sintered (HIP, spark plasma, or HPHT) into shaped solid bodies or applied to surfaces (HVOF or laser metal deposited) using conventional processing technologies
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