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Technologiepark 8
33100 Paderborn

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 7 categories

Additive Manufacturing
Services for additive manufacturing
Design development for additive processes
Engineering for additive processes
Software and Hardware
Software for product development
Software for development and design
CAD software
CAE software
Software for finite element calculation
General services
Services for design, construction, calculation and simulation

About us

At AMendate we want to create a better and easier way of optimizing parts. We know how painful and nerve-racking this process can be. Consequently, the user experience is a core focus of our development. Yet, we are also engineers who always seek for an optimal solution. A perfect design, durable, strong, reliable. But also fine, elegant and bionic. All in all, perfectly adapted to its application but also preserving resources. Especially as engineers, we have the obligation to save resources and retain a healthy world for future generations. Optimized parts are what we need to do so and because time matters, we need to create and bring them to action fast. This vision is incorporated in our software, it is a vital part of our thinking and development.

And because of this we named ourselves „AMendate“ [ˈɑmɛndeɪt] a combination of the latin word „emendatio“ (optimization, improvement) and „Additive Manufacturing„, the technology that enables us to economically manufacture the ideally shaped parts.
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