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Special packages of AMF magnetic clamping technology in October

Perfectly equipped with magnetic clamping technology. The magnetic clamping plates from AMF represent a top performance of the electro permanent magnetism employed for workholding in the metalworking industry.

The magnetic clamping plates allow to clamp a large variety of ferrous workpieces quickly and flexibly, on any type of machine tool. Thin or non geometric workpieces can be processed without problems.

For heavy and high speed milling (HSC) the AMF magnetic clamping technology is a practical, flexible and above all safe way of clamping - all this without any interfering edges.

Optimal adaptation to the workpiece surface contour is guaranteed by the movable pole extensions. These pole extensions adapt themselves to the workpiece surface. The workpiece is supported and rests securely on the pole extensions. This compensates uneveness and guarantees a stress-free clamping of the workpiece

Conclusion: The magnet clamping plates impress with a simple structure in conjunction with extremly high holding forces and the advantage of a five-side machining. With our magnet clamping special packages we offer a complete solution for all milling operations.

For further information, please read our promotionleaflet.

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