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ANDREAS MAIER GmbH & Co. KG Products
Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF)
Stamping and marking equipment
The high economic efficiency of AMF products stems from their low procurement costs and long service life. The AMF markers ensure a high-quality, durable written type face without corrosion of the workpiece, and with the Cleaner products, the machine practically cleans itself.
  • Save set-up times with low-cost automation - Zero-Point clamping system, AMF gripper, AMF collet, AMF-Marker und AMF-Cleaner.
  • AMF Marking tools
  • Product overview AMF-Marker
  • AMF Marker in use
  • AMF Marker in use
  • AMF Writer
  • AMF marking tool in use
  • AMF marking tool in use
  • AMF marking tool in use
  • marking on aluminium
  • marking on stainless steel
  • marking on plastics
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