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Andre Abrasive


Andre Abrasive Articles Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia Sp. k.
Przemyslowa 10
62600 Kolo
+48 63 2626-300
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Service Spectrum: Represented in 5 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Abrasive tools and products
Grinding wheels, abrasive discs and belts
Diamond grinding wheels, diamond paste
Bonded abrasive products
Coated abrasives
Other grinding tools and accessories

About us

The ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES company was established in 1987. The founder, owner and General Director is Mr. Robert Andre MSc, a graduate of the Poznan University of Technology.

Our company has a stable position on the grinding tool market in Europe; our products have gained the necessary safety certificates and conform with provisions of the European Standard ISO 12413 and other relevant international standards.

We have entered into cooperation with centers for scientific research, among others with the technical universities in Gdańsk, Poznań and Łódź as weel as with The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Kraków, which resulted in implementation of new manufacturing technologies and in continuous improvement in quality of manufactured products.

Nowadays our company designs, manufactures and supplies wide range of all-purpose and special abrasive tools: grinding wheels, segments and hand stones made of hard bonded abrasive materials (Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide abrasive grains) with vitrified, resin bond.

Our products are designated for precision and rough grinding of different materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, concrete, ceramics etc. and are applied in various industrial branches.

The company development is aimed at manufacturing of grinding wheels for precision, surface, centerless and double disc grinding,.

At present our company employs over 180 people and has above 800 permanent customers in Poland and abroad

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