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Anmasi A/S
Thorsvej 106
7200 Grindsted
+45 76 500232

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 12 categories

Machine tools
Deburring machines
Thermal deburring machines
Other deburring systems
Surface technology
Pre-treatment gadgets for surfaces
Ultrasonic cleaning
Washing, cleaning and degreasing machines
Other cleaning systems
Industrial brushes, brush wheels, incl. those for deburring machines
Industrial washing equipment
Safety and environment
Water treatment, plants and components
Oil separation, oil mist separation
Disposal systems
Filtration, ultrafiltration

About us

We design, develop and deliver precision cleaning equipment and services for demanding tasks and industries. Our experienced experts will make sure that your cleaning system is installed and implemented effectively, and our extensive service and accessories programme will keep it up and running. This also applies to our filtration systems which will help you reduce operating costs and improve both your working environment and environmental profile of your company.

Our wide range of industry leading standard solutions will cover most demands within industries such as automotive, aerospace, wind power, medical and health care, and more. However, our extensive experience allows us to modify existing equipment and design custom solutions for any special task you might have. Anmasi is founded on customer focus, and our solid aim is to add value to your business through sustainable and user friendly solutions.

Anmasi was founded by Jan Hedeby Sørensen who has 30 years of experience in industrial cleaning equipment and solutions. The fundamental purpose of the company is to be a one-stop-shop for precision cleaning equipment. Not only do we design and deliver both standard and custom solutions. We also provide global installation and maintenance and keep all vital parts and accessories in stock to ensure quick delivery and minimum down time for our customers.

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