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Arthur Klink

Speedy Prism
Speedy Prism
Other tool and cutter sharpening machine
Arthur Klink GmbH
Other tool and cutter sharpening machines
Speedy Prism
Field of Application
Burr-free chamfering of small precision parts from 1 mm height in almost polished precision
Surface protecting precision chamfers up to 2 mm (no scratches in the work piece!)
Universal for all materials and suitable for the continuous operation

The sliding carriage of the chamfering machine Speedy Prisma ensures that the work pieces keep scratch-free. The beveling machine Speedy Prisma is used for all materials and is suitable for continuous operation.


Speed control, Features, Compact small table machine, Perfect for small work pieces, easy control and fast tool change, speed preadjusted on 20 800 rpm for steel (27 000 U/min for alu feasible)

The handiness and the very easy operation award this edge milling machine Speedy Prisma. For soft materials the rotation speed of the motor can be easily increased.
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