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Asket - Paul Hölzer


Asket - Paul Hölzer GmbH
Messerstr. 5
42657 Solingen
+49 (0)212 810164
+49 (0)212 817025

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Asket - PLIERS

All pliers are made up of high quality tool-steel with a hardness of approximately 46-48 HRC. The technique of pushing through ensures a long, free from play practicability and guarantees a firm grip for years.

The pliers are available in polished, satin-finished or nickel-plated form. Optionally, we deliver the blades either polished or PVC dip-insulated.

- Flat Pliers
- Chain Pliers
- Round Pliers
- Forming Pliers
- Cutting Pliers/ Oblique Pliers
- Side Cutters
- Ring Saw Pliers
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