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NEW in our Program - SB 500 - The new giant among lifters

The electropermanent battery lifter SB500 is a top product from ASSFALG magnets in the load range of 500 kg for flat material and 200 kg for round material. It combines both the advantages of the permanent lifter and the electropermanent lifters. By seconds current impuls the electropermanent battery lifter SB 500 from ASSFALG magnets is switched manually or automatically via a button.

The use of the load range of 10 - 500 kg is the most commonly one in the metal working industry. Only with one magnet lifter you can cover this load range for flat and round material with a high operator comfort.

The lifter SB 500 is small, robust and handy and is very suitable with its auto mode for the multiple operations on spreader beams. By the current impulse control the SB 500 is switching very fast and consumes little energy. Up to 1.000 switching cycles in one charging is possible. The SB 500 is also suitable in a three shift operation. Its akku battery (Lithium ions) is charged in app. 5 h on the AC socket.

It works mains independent and can be taken from the crane without any problems. The Magnet will be always automatically switched if the crane chain is fully relieved. A magnet sensor near by the magnet eyelet acts as proximity switch and triggerst he switching pulse (ON/OFF auto mode) Operation steps can be limited and costs can be reduced. Who wants to dispense with the automatic, you have further the possibility for switching right on the magnet or with a radio remote control.

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