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Assfalg News

The most innovative EPM battery lifting magnet

Just in time for the EMO, Assfalg presents a breakthrough, an Electropermanent Battery Lifting Magnet, which is filled with surprises. The SB-serie of our EPM lifting magnets, SB 200 / SB500 / SB950, is already a high-tech product in the magnet lifting world, but the most innovative lifter ist he SB 950S.


They are the new GIANTS in the world of magnetic lifting


The SB950S

Why is this lifter filled with surprises?

Trust is GOOD   to have the CONTROL   is better!

  • It detects flat and cylindric loads and displays the load type.
  • Depending on the load type and the magnetic characters of the workpiece (material, thickness, surface condition, airgap) the acceptable lifting force will be shown in GREEN. The SB 950S calculates the actual magnet force based on the parameters above.
  • Is the triple safety factor fallen below, no magnetization comes up. A RED light is shown supported by a permanent alert.

What are the special features for the SB serie?

They connect the advantages from the permanent lifting magnets with the electro lifting magnets. Using a current pulse of less than one second the electropermanent battery lifters SB 200 / SB 500 / SB 950 / SB950S from Assfalg are switched manually by pushbuttons or automatically. Although no current flows during the transport of the load, the workpiece remains safely clamped like a permanent magnet.

Up to 1000 ON/OFF switching cycles by SB 200 / SB 500 and 500 ON/OFF switching cycles by SB 950 / SB 950S are possible before recharging the integrated batteries by the supplied mains charger.

The SB-serie is used for single operations or as multiple solutions for heavy magnetic lifting beams and is ideal for 3 shift operations.



  • No battery flow during lifting (only a current pulse for a few seconds is required for magnetizing or demagnetizing)
  • A built in security mechanism prevents switching when the load is suspended
  • The magnets are either manually switched via push buttons or automatically via  AUTO function



  • Small, sturdy and handy
  • Independent from mains supply
  • Up to 1.000 ON/OFF switching cycles before recharging Accu (lithium-ion battery) is charged in approx. 2h mains charger 110V / 2230V /  50-60Hz
  • Consume less energy



  • For flat and round material
  • In single operations or as multiple solutions for heavy magnetic lifting beams usable
  • On a crane
  • In mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, plant engineering, steel construction, shipbuilding, steel mill, flame cutting, transport company or materials store


We are looking forward to your visit in  HALL 11 / F20  !

Your Assfalg -Team


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